Trip to John of God

Trip to John of God

Early October I went to Omega Institute in upper state New York for my 6th visit to John of God.  The first was to Brazil quite a few years now.  Other than one time in Atlanta,  the rest have been at Omega.  Every time feels different to me.  I have rarely known what kind of healing I needed.  I have sort of considered it my preventive medicine.  There is always some kind of change,  sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic.  JOG calls the healings “inteventions.”  If one is not on course with their soul’s purpose,  we will go through a change of some kind.  Several years ago I thought I was happy with my life.  I was comfortable in a relationship, with my work and my home.  My health felt ok.  I remember thinking, “Do I dare still go?”  Sure enough soon after my trip my life drastically changed.  My boyfriend of two years suddenly announced he was breaking up.  Then I went through some huge financial challenges.  “How could any of this be good?” I thought.  I had to just trust that all was in divine order.  Three years later my book is published with very positive reviews.  I’m extremely happy in my current relationship.  I am enjoying my acupuncture practice as always.

This last time I went,  I knew I needed to have some healing for my physical health.  I keep thinking…and acting…as if I am still 30.  We had two interventions.  I was exhausted.  Not being allowed to drink coffee I’m sure had something to do with it plus I felt my body was detoxifying.  For a week we were not to use the computer or cell phone unless absolutely necessary. Without the artificial stimulation and distractions,  I guess I was experiencing my body and mind as it really was.  I am still in the process of learning how to do what I’m always telling my patients to do, ie. honor the ebb of our wave as much as the flow.  For the first time in my life,  I am learning to put the oxygen mask on my self so that I can continue to put it on others.  This is a huge lesson for us healers.

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  • Jessica Posted November 10, 2017 1:56 pm

    I am so happy that you have someone that makes you feel as great as you help your clients to feel! I wish I had read about this before I came to see you yesterday. I have a John of God amethyst crystal that we could’ve talked about. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with you. You are a wonderful healer!!

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