I would love to recommend Dr. Bonnie McLean.  I feel so blessed to have found her.  For starters, the amount of light that pours from her eyes when she looks at you is amazing.  A true healer.  Bonnie is so connected spiritually.  When I received an acupuncture treatment from her, I felt as if I was being attended to spiritually by not only her but a whole host of other loving energies.  When she was outside of the room, I was still being attended to.  Very deep healing.  She works so intuitively and with such care.  She really cares about her clients.  That’s so evident with Bonnie.  And I feel, that care is what sets the stage for such deep healing to take place.  You’re clearly held in the arms of love.  Gulf Breeze is quite lucky to have access to Bonnie.  She’s a gem for sure.

Liv Wheeler

I began seeing Bonnie 10 years ago or so when I lived in Pensacola. As a medical professional, I was skeptical and hesitant before my first acupuncture experience. The minute I met Bonnie however, my worries were eased. She is a kind, soothing, empathetic presence. She is respectful and professional in her care. Bonus: the severe hip pain I had been experiencing for months was also completely gone after a few visits with Bonnie!!! It’s been years now since I moved but every time I visit my family in Pensacola I’m sure to book an appointment with Bonnie. I highly recommend her!

Stephanie Post

I came to Dr. Bonnie a little under two years ago. I came to her to help with my back & shoulder pain. Little did I know, she was going to do so much more for me than help with my physical pain. Dr. Bonnie has helped me open up my heart, mind and soul. I am not the same person I was when I first started seeing her. I’ve grown tremendously by having her in my life, she’s much more than just my acupuncturist. Dr. Bonnie is a wonderful, magical, knowledgeable, caring, loving human being. I highly recommend Dr. Bonnie to anyone who is hurting, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.


About 15 years ago when I met Dr. Bonnie, I enjoyed learning about acupuncture and was delighted to find out that acupuncture could take all the tension out of my body and, for awhile, my life. One needle in and my shoulder and neck would start to melt right there on her table. Over the years she has helped me with minor injuries. Recently I’ve dealt with plantar fascitis and truly believe that Dr. Bonnie’s good tending was a big part of my getting over it.

D. King

In my opinion, you are the best! You’ve had such an impact on my life in general ( my worldly perception/ spirituality ). You were the one that opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities and broadened my spiritual horizon in such a way that I will never be able to verbalize. And for that, I will always be grateful to you. You will always have a very special place in my heart.


I’ve loved being with you. Being in your presence, your healing love and compassion is evident. Thank you for your strengthening kindness generously flowing. You are loved much,


Dr. Bonnie has the touch of an angel! Her gentle spirit soothes my soul while her acupuncture treatments heal my body. After suffering for weeks with a serious back problem, I found Dr. bonnie and with two treatments I was able to get on with my life and my travel plans. She is the first practitioner I call for whatever ails me ( and those in my family ). Truly a gem in the world of healing.


Bonnie, I just had to tell you that the treatment session Thursday worked wonders for me! I was virtually pain-free until yesterday afternoon after shopping and carrying bags, when my arms started hurting again. Being without pain for the first time in so long gave me such relief AND awareness that I can get better! I have been almost resigned to the prospect of ongoing pain for years to come, but now I realize I can heal these injured nerves. So thank you so much. I am so grateful to you and for you! It is such a blessing to have you and your wonderful healing, knowledge, and power here in Pcola. Oh! And I am much more back in my body, which feels really great! Love you!


For more than forty years I have been working with energy to help balance myself and others. Recently I found I needed more assistance so I chose Bonnie to help with this. After only one treatment, I was significantly improved and feel I am continuing to get better. I recommend Bonnie for her skill, her knowledge and her heart for she is truly in sync with your energies.

Thanks Bonnie,


After suffering from a prolonged and stressful lifestyle coupled with back pain and severe insomnia, I was very fortunate to find Dr. Bonnie and experience the amazing benefits of acupuncture and energy healing. I was overwhelmed by the immediate, positive mind and body results (certainly unmatched by conventional medicine). Dr. Bonnie has a genuine, kind and gentle healing spirit that has forever changed my life. Pensacola is truly blessed to have this angel in their midst. I love you and miss you Dr. Bonnie!

Carol Hughes
Pismo Beach, CA.

Dr. Bonnie is AMAZING!! If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have my miracle baby!!! After 4 weeks of fertility treatments I got pregnant right away! Love you Dr. Bonnie!!!

Katie Kelly

Well you can count this for certain!! After suffering from excrutiating pain for months due to plantar fascitis/ bone spur in my left heel – 3 treatments with you amazing, wonderful lady, and it was gone!! I was healed!!

Shelly Rose

Dr. Bonnie has the touch of an angel! Her gentle spirit soothes my soul while her acupuncture treatments heal my body. After suffering for weeks with a serious back problem, I found Dr. Bonnie and with two treatments I was able to get on with my life and my travel plans. She is the first practitioner I call for whatever ails me (and those in my family). Truly a gem in the world of healing.

I became a patient of Dr. Bonnie Mc Lean’s after being diagnosed with cancer and she has helped me in so many ways. First, I have recurrent ovarian cancer and Dr. Bonnie treats me for nausea when i’m taking chemotherapy and boosts my body’s own natural cancer fighting abilities at the same time. She also treats my R L S which has almost completely disappeard, allowing me to sleep at night and sit comfortably for hours while receiving chemotherapy. Her smile, reassuring demeanor, and gentle touch immediately put you at ease and you know you’re in competent,caring hands. I have to give God, my oncologist, and Dr.Bonnie’s knowledge and healing spirit credit for my surviving seven years after diagnosis of stage four ovarian carcinoma.

Such a joy to find your website so that I may share it with others. You truly have helped me in the past with my Back issue you are a gift to the greater Pensacola area. 🙂

Dr. Bonnie,
I wanted to thank you for all you have done for Mike. Before he started seeing you, he never had a day without pain. Now it’s like he’s a new man!!! Thank you again, it’s nice to see my husband move around without “groaning” with every movement.

Dr. McLean is an unusually compassionate clinician, a gifted writer, teacher, and expositor of technical material for specialist and nonspecialist alike.

N.L. Sajben M.D., California

Dr. McLean’s sensitivity, compassion and understanding of me have saved my life.

Meredith Klemm, Gold Coast, Australia

I have the utmost respect and awe at her ability to gently allow and facilitate change to occur within the body and mind and spirit, and at the same time carry out her healing with strength and courage.

Victoria Clark, California

Bonnie’s method is a rare combination of professional competence and genuine heartfelt caring.

Jeannie Moret, California

Bonnie has been a tremendous inspiration. Under her care I have felt completely safe and not judged. She has shown a tremendous sensitivity, insight, and flexibility to me as a person.

Joni Yatomi, California

Bonnie is sincere, very knowledgeable and very professional. She is always furthering her education to help her patients. She has helped me tremendously.

Laura Ward, Florida

It was easy to get the appointment time that worked for my schedule. I don’t know of anywhere else that would’ve taken better care of me. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Dr. Bonnie to anyone. I felt very safe in her care during the entire treatment. Dr. Bonnie is fantastic, a true healer that got me back on my feet. Thanks again.

Bob Hubbard

you are never out of the vibrational frequencies of healing all you have touched. I love u and appreciate all u offer to assist us in our natural intelligence to heal. see u soon and will embrace your healing energy.


Dr. Bonnie literally saved my left hand. I was experiencing numbness in the little finger and base of the hand, as this progressed to a severe wasting of muscle tissue that was gradually turning my hand into a claw. After seeing several different health professionals for what is considered ulnar blockage, the most recommended solution was surgery. I was not comfortable with surgery, as I had read many nightmare stories about how the surgery was destructive and actually made things worse. So, I went to see Dr. Bonnie, and after a few sessions of acupuncture the progression of the condition ceased and my hand eventually returned to a near normal condition. Looks pretty much like my right hand now. Dr. Bonnie rocks!

Bob Butterworth
Pensacola, FL