Hidden Blessings

Hidden Blessings

Hidden Blessings- Bonnie McLean

Like so many of us, this past 6 weeks has been spent focused on survival stuff, ie. being a food gatherer, staying healthy,  cleaning the clutter in my house,  seeking  financial help during unemployment ( which,  despite hours upon hours on my computer, has not panned out as yet), and learning how to expand my healing practice online.

In way I was running the same rat-race behavior that I have maintained for so many years now keeping up a busy acupuncture practice and busily maintaining a lifestyle that had grown comfortable.  The last day or so my awareness has started to shift to the blessings that are being brought to me and to us as an earth family through this ordeal.

I think I have finally slowed down.  I’m taking better care of my own health than I ever have.  My sleep has improved. I’m enjoying working in my garden and eating my own herbs,  tomatoes,  peppers, cabbage, and lettuce.  I’m walking every day.  I can find things in a house with less clutter.  Do I want to go back to my fast pace?  No,  I don’t.

I keep reading and hearing about the renewal of nature to our cities, the oceans and waterways, and our skies.  Initially I read about the inhabitants of the huge industrial city of Wuhan seeing a blue sky for the first time, about the canals of Venice, Italy once again having fish, dolphins, and ducks.  Now cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are reporting blue skies and cleaner waters.  We are getting a chance to see what our earth used to look like before we humans left our very large footprint on our land, our skies, and our waters.

Having to look in the face the possibility of the extinction of our own human race hopefully can become a doorway to our collective awareness  of and compassion for  the extinction of so many of our animals, plants, birds, insects, etc. that has been quietly creeping up on us for some time.  What we choose to do with this wake-up call remains to be seen.


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