Stress Management

Stress Management

By: Dr. Partha Nandi

Stress management is vital especially during this time of this pandemic.

“Whether you’re trying to heal from a chronic illness or fight an acute infection, you cannot properly heal when your nervous system is out of whack.

Anecdotal evidence and published scientific studies show that experiencing prolonged stress negatively impacts the immunological state… and that prolonged elevated psychological stress is associated with increased risk of infection!

Because of the demands of modern life and the prevalence of unresolved emotional trauma and lack of ability to handle stress effectively, many people can activate their sympathetic (fight-or-flight) response very readily, but they often struggle to switch it off because of low vagal tone.

This limits the ability to activate the rest-digest-detoxify-heal part of the nervous system, and over time, this leads to chronic inflammation and poor gut function, and consequently, can result in pretty much any chronic disease, including autoimmunity and cancer. “

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